The 100 Day Project

Posted by on May 2, 2015 in Blog


To kick off my blogging adventure… I’m promoting my latest project: 100 days of origami, or “Lauragami” where I tackle the difficult but beautiful form of paper art for 100 consecutive days and post it on Instagram. The 100 Day Project is a celebration of process. The goal is to emphasize consistency, commitment, and to stop fetishizing finished products. Oftentimes, I am too hung up on the final execution that I forget about showing up, committing, and digging into layers of doing. Origami is all about process: every fold matters. Constantly refolding, changing color/pattern/size, failing and sometimes never reaching satisfaction… But I have 100 days to get it right.

Beyond the individual gain, it’s inspiring to connect with other creatives, see what they are producing and follow along each day. While I’m only on Day 27, it has already proved to be both challenging but incredibly rewarding.

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