WCIU Holiday – Broadcast

Valentine's Day -- Small identity for Valentine's Day on You & Me This Morning using hand drawn illustrations and whimsical animations. Includes Facebook graphics, full screens, lower thirds, monitor graphics, and closing animation.

A Gift for U -- Broadcast package for a holiday gift show airing on WCIU-The U throughout the holiday season. Includes Title animation, Lower Thirds, Transition, Bug,

Thanksgiving -- Title animation for a contest on "You & Me" on WCIU-The U. Viewers wrote in heartwarming stories for the holidays and were entered to win a dining room set from The Room Place as well as a Thanksgiving feast cooked by celebrity chef, Fabio Viviani.

Halloween -- On October 31st, Svengoolie took over WCIU-The U for the official, "Svengoolie Day." I was able to create hand drawn versions of WCIU & YMTM's logo to mimic the Svengoolie horror style. Includes a Svengoolie bug and monitor graphics.